Tuition is payable the first lesson of each month. There will be a $10.00 late fee applied to any account that is 30 days delinquent. Your child may not participate in class if your account is three months delinquent. There will be a $20.00 charge on all returned checks. If your child misses his/her lesson, we cannot make a deduction from his/her monthly tuition. Your child will, however, have an opportunity to make up any missed lesson in a similar class. Monthly tuition remains the same regardless of how many lessons are in each month. We do not bill you each month. It is your responsibility to keep your account current. If you are delinquent you will receive a statement of account via email.

Automatic Draft:

In order to keep our costs down we ask that if your monthly tuition is  under $100 you sign up for Automatic Draft. (ACH)  In order to enroll you must fill out the ACH form and attach a void check. You may mail the form or if you wish to scan and send it to us as a PDF you may do that as well. By enrolling in Automatic Drafts Beller’s will debit your account on the second or third of the month for the amount of tuition.



Our session runs September through May. We limit our class size. Consequently, if you have enrolled your child and your plans change we require 30 days written notice you need to Fill out a “drop card” or send us that (s)he will be withdrawing from class (either snail mail or email.) Otherwise you will be billed for that time (regardless of attendance) because he/she has occupied a space on the class roster.



Make up lessons are available and recommended. Please schedule your make up at the front desk.   PLEASE, DO NOT bring your child if they have had a fever in the last 24 hours. DO NOT bring them if they have a severe runny nose or cough. We reserve the right to remove a child from class if we feel they are they are too sick and could potentially spread their illness to other healthy children.


Make-up lessons:

***NEW *** Make-up lessons: Must be scheduled through the front desk. If you schedule a make-up and fail to show that will be counted as your make up lesson. If you walk in and want to make-up without an appointment you may be turned away if class is full and already has scheduled make-ups attending.


Snow days

We do not automatically cancel classes when Shawnee Mission or Blue Valley School districts do. If we cancel classes, We will send emails to classes involved, we will post a message on the front page of the website www.bellerdanceandgymnastics.com and we will also post a notice on facebook.

 Winter break

This year the studio will close Sat, December 23rd through, Monday, January 1st. Classes will resume Tuesday, January 2nd. These lessons are automatically made up in the months which have five lessons in them.


National holidays

Thanksgiving, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are the only national holidays that we observe. We will not hold classes on Thursday, Friday or Saturday of Thanksgiving. We DO NOT close for Veteran’s, Martin Luther King, or Presidents’ Days.

Spring break

We will be closed for spring break this year from Monday, March 12th, through Saturday, March 17th. Classes resume Monday, March 19th.

  Dance Apparel

Students should wear leotards or body suits of their choice. (No jeans, shorts, or dresses.) Boys should wear T-shirts with shorts or athletic-type pants. Ballet students should wear pink or white tights. Students should wear ballet shoes with elastic across the instep as well. (Please, no Isotoner-type house slippers.)

 Other dance students are encouraged to wear tights, but it is not a requirement. Jazz students should wear tan jazz shoes. Tap shoes should have elastic through the eyelets, (no ribbon ties). This is especially important for the students under seven year of age. All shoes should have student’s name in them for easy identification. We carry a full selection of dance apparel and equipment available for purchase during business hours.


Gymnastic and Tumbling Apparel

Students should wear leotards. (A one-piece unit is important.)Boys should wear T-shirts and shorts with elastic waists. Students may wear sweats for warm-up but will be asked to remove them for class. Bare feet. For safety, if hair is long, it should always be tied up, away from face.  Please, no jewelry. (Dangling earrings, rings or necklaces.)Your child will be asked not to participate if he/she is not properly attired.


Registration forms, Permission slips and insurance

Each family must complete a registration form for us to keep on file. IF you have not filled out an electronic form you will receive on at the first lesson and must be returned no later than the following week’s lesson. An annual insurance fee must be paid for all children enrolled in gymnastics. Due to trampoline use, there is an insurance fee for tumbling, and boys’ combination classes which are held in the main building. Insurance fees must be paid no less than 24 hours before the child’s first class in order for the child to be allowed on the equipment in the gym. Parents of gymnastics students must also sign a permission slip stating that they understand their children will be on the equipment. This must be signed in order for children to get on equipment.


Address changes

Please notify us whenever there is a change of address or telephone number. This is important in case of an emergency. Please supply us with a current email address so you will receive notifications that pertain to your child’s class.


Please be prompt

We ask that you pick your child up at the proper time unless arrangements have been made with the instructor. We cannot ensure your child’s safety if we are busy teaching a class. It is especially important to pick up on time if your child is in one of the last classes of the evening.


Classes in the Annex

We do not have staff to monitor the lobby at the annex; therefore we ask that you be prompt in picking up your child. Please do not drop your child off more than 10 minutes prior to the start of his/her class. It is the parents/guardians responsibility to make arrangements for any students who travel between the annex and the main building. Beller Dance Studio is not responsible for any children walking to and from the Annex and Main building.



With our annex located directly west of the gym across our parking lot. Please be alert, as many of our students will be crossing the parking lot near the 79th street entrance.


Traffic Flow

Help keep the children safe! Classes change every 15 minutes. For this reason we ask that you drive slowly and do not block the flow of traffic. Sufficient parking is available and we urge you to cooperate in this manner. The north drive is an exit only. Please do not enter that drive to circle the building. (Traffic flows clockwise). Do not park in the NO PARKING ZONES (even for “just for a few minutes”) it makes it difficult for other drivers to see children coming out of the gym and into the parking lot. Think of the children’s safety first, convenience second. Thanks to the Downtown Overland Park improvements there are now additional public parking spaces on 79th street.


Observing classes

We are pleased to have your child enrolled. We invite you to observe class from the windows at any time. If your child’s classroom has sheer curtains please do not move them. They are designed to let you see your child but not vice versa. If you find that your child is paying more attention to you than to the instructor, it is in his/her best interest to leave. There is no observing from within the classroom. Please do not open the door once class has started. There is a 10-minute break between classes. Please use this time to discuss any concerns with your child’s instructor.


Young children

Young children are invited to observe class with you. Our lobby is not childproof. Therefore, we ask that you keep a close eye on any children waiting with you. Please do not allow them to run, move chairs/stools, play on the stairs or destroy the property. This is for their safety as well as the safety and consideration of others. We ask that you do not stay if your child cannot behave.



Please do not hesitate to give us any information that might assist us in instructing your child (i.e., he/she has hearing impairment, learning disability {ADD/ADHD}, leg problems, emotional problems). This will help us and help your child at the same time. We want your child’s learning experience to be a positive one. If you have any questions please feel free to call 913-648-2626. We care enough to want to help.